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Manufacturers of consumer, enterprise and industrial devices can innovate confidently and bring leading-edge devices to market faster with the MediaTek portfolio of IoT chipsets. We ensure your success through collaboration and support from concept to design and manufacturing. Our global ecosystem of trusted distributors and business partners enables us to pivot, scale and adapt to your needs.

Our Solutions

MediaTek Genio 1200

4 +4  A78, 2.2 GHz &  A55, 2.0 GHz, LPDDR4x, up to 16GB

2 x MDLA 2.0 +2 x VP6, 4.8 TOPs, Mali-G57 GPU

Dual display 4K90

1x GbE( TSN ) , 1x PCIe3.0, 1xPCIe2.0/USB3.1, 1x USB3.1, 2x USB2.0


MediaTek Genio 500

4 +4 A73, 2.0 GHz &  A53, 2.0 GHz, LPDDR4x, up to 8GB

2 x VP6, 0.7 TOPs + Mali-G72 GPU

FHD (2400 x1080) Portrait  MIPI-DSI + DPI


MediaTek Genio 350

4 A55, 2.0 GHz, LPDDR4, up to 4GB

1 x VP6, 0.3 TOPs + Mali-G52 GPU

USB2 OTGx1+USB2 Hostx1, 3x UART, 1x Ethernet Mac

Dual Display: Full HD60 + HD60

MediaTek Genio 1200

MediaTek Genio 1200 is a flagship-grade SoC (system on chip) with leading 6nm design.

Media Tek Genio 1200 CTA