Enabling automated driving technologies

Autus, our suite of driver assistance systems, automated driving and automonous vehicle technologies incorporates artificial intelligence, mmWave, machine learning, and advanced visual processing solutions, in addition to the latest in navigation, connected and infotainment innovations. And we deliver the most power possible – while being super power-efficient to extend battery life to help you go further. This chip changes everything for you on the road and in the car.


Broad communications technologies that transmit information to and from vehicles.


In-vehicle systems that deliver content from car sensors and multimedia sources.

mmWave Radar

High-frequency radar sensors that send obstacle alerts and assist with automatic maneuvers.

Autus Certified Solutions

MediaTek Autus validates its products and meets international standards to ensure the quality and the trust of its customers and partners. Through its dedicated team of automotive quality assurance personnel, MediaTek will satisfy all automotive customer quality requirements. MediaTek products are based on well-verified IP modules and workflows, and our products, methods and business have certifications in essential standards.

Automotive SPICE

ASPICE enhances hardware/software integration quality, maturity and traceability in cooperation with TUV-NORD.

Compliant in Quality

Our certified solution is compliant to IATF 16949 quality systems

AEC Q100 qualification

AEC Q100 qualification ensures reliability meets automotive grade

Quality Through the Process

VDA 6.3 supplier management process audits both internal projects and external suppliers.

Globally recognized certification

ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Standards

ISO 14001

Health and Safety Standards

OHSA 18001

Hazardous Substance Standards

IECQ QC 080000

Functional Safety

ISO 26262 functional safety for Vision ADAS and mmWave Radar, to ensure safety requirements of these critical applications, also in cooperation with TUV-NORD