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Positioned to Power the Future of Driving

The Automotive market is changing faster than ever before! Demands for safer, always connected, ever cleaner and more technology-enabled and, yet, still affordable cars are greater than ever. This wave of innovation will require new technology innovations many traditional semi-conductor designers cannot fulfill.

The Automotive industry needs new technologies to fulfill this increasing market demand, and they need innovative, integrated semi-conductor solutions to fulfill them.  

MediaTek’s core strengths include a comprehensive IP portfolio, high performance yet power efficient processing technologies, leading worldwide modem and RF solutions, advanced and highly integrated SOCs, and premium multimedia. To our partners we offer an open platform and friendly ecosystem, with turnkey and premium software/hardware solutions.

Altogether, MediaTek has a proven record of delivering successful, highly integrated products to the market.

Automotive Market Technology Inflection Point

With the automotive industry set to be an over USD$40Bn industry by 2020, and with semi-conductor use per vehicle increasing in unison, it’s an increasingly key industry to collaborate with.

MediaTek will bring its new, innovative solutions to key areas, including Communication & Entertainment, Active Safety & Telematics and In-Vehicle Navigation systems.

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Why MediaTek?

MediaTek is a 20-year pioneer in fabless semi-conductors and market leader in systems-on-chip (SoCs) for mobile devices, wireless networking, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray with increasing presence in new markets like IoT.

Building on this globalized expertise and technologies, MediaTek is now bringing holistic, tightly integrated solutions to the automotive industry by incorporating the best of autonomous driving, infotainment, safety and convenience features across one integrated package of semi-conductors.

Our focus on developing the best technologies to power and connect consumer devices provides us with the perfect on-ramp to deliver cost-effective, power-efficient and powerful solutions to automakers and their suppliers. MediaTek can deliver in a way that few competitors offer.

Trust In MediaTek

MediaTek not only to provides a capable, quality product, but also provides the necessary validations and commitments to international standards to ensure a trusting, long-lasting relationship. Through its dedicated team of automotive quality assurance personnel, MediaTek will satisfy automotive customer quality requirements.

MediaTek products are based on well-verified IP modules and workflows, and our products, methods and business have certifications in essential standards: 
•       Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) to enhance hardware/software integration quality, maturity and traceability in co-operation with TUV-NORD
•       Compliant to IATF 16949 quality systems
•       AEC Q100 qualification ensures reliability meets automotive grade
•       VDA 6.3 supplier management process audits both internal projects and external suppliers.
•       ISO 9001: 2015
•       ISO 14001 (environmental)
•       OHSAS 18001 (health and safety)
•       IECQ QC 080000 (hazardous substance) standards
•       ISO 26262 functional safety for Vision ADAS and mmWave Radar, to ensure safety requirements of these critical applications, also in co-operation with TUV-NORD

As a testament to our progress and trust in our methods, we are currently under-going the necessary assessments and auditing processes with many worldwide customers.

Path to Automated Driving

Automated driving requires a complex array of technologies! In a split second multiple sources of information collection need efficient and reliable processing. From here, the vehicle can take immediate, automatic action, or the driver receives direct and easy to understand alerts.

Specifically, it’s a lot more complex…

On and in-vehicle data collection includes Image, ultrasonic, radar and mmWave sensors, plus cellular, V2X (802.11p) and GNSS connectivity. This data is then processed on device or centrally, depending on the design preference and application.

The data is then passed via high-speed in-vehicle networking to very high performance processing techniques. It needs to be modeled and processed according to the driver and vehicle situation; driving situation (fast freeway, city driving, heavy traffic, etc) and environmental status (weather and road conditions). Software intelligence, sensor fusion and hardware-software efficiency is a key factor here. 

Finally, real-time, fail-safe action directly with the vehicle or interaction with the driver requires a tightly integrated mix of high performance processor, graphics, display and wireless technologies.

  • Vision processing systems, mmWAVE radar sensors, GNSS and data modem technologies for driver, vehicle and Environment Data collecting and processing
  • High speed networking and high performance and efficiency processors for driver, vehicle and environmental modeling
  • High performance sensor fusion processors with intelligent algorithms for automated driving scenario determination
  • Powerful SoCs with multi-core processors, graphics, advanced display and connectivity technologies for reliable, real-time interaction with the driver
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MediaTek reimagined the ADAS system design from the ground up and developed cutting-edge Vision Processor solutions to optimally handle large amounts of real-time visual streaming data. This was achieved by designing a new architecture for both traditional image processing algorithms and the most advanced machine learning algorithms, with extremely low power consumption.

MediaTek is at the fore of mmWave technologies, currently developing CMOS mmWave technologies that offer a path to a lower power, smaller and integrated system level solutions. MediaTek is drawing on its technology expertise and heritage in high frequency RF and connectivity, bringing the automotive industry mmWave radar solutions that are fast responsive use and higher frequencies to gain better object resolution and more precise detection. Residing in the high frequency band, mmWave radar can recognize targets more accurately and is more resistant to fog, rain, snow and other weather conditions than current types of radar.

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Infotainment is a crucial aspect of delivering better driving experiences. MediaTek has developed high-powered 2D and 3D processing technologies to ensure our application processors perform at the highest levels of efficiency and speed. Our infotainment products in development align with the needs of this automotive segment: High levels of integration; comprehensive multimedia solutions, premium features, and comprehensive connectivity solutions.

NavInfo is MediaTek’s strategic partner in developing infotainment related solutions.

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Our offerings will align with our core strengths: power-efficiency, highly integrated system-in-packages; broad networking and connectivity support; and, quick and efficient processing technologies. MediaTek, a leading provider of LTE and 2G solutions with high shipping volumes worldwide, is one of only a couple of companies in position to deliver connected vehicles.