MediaTek Dimensity Auto Cockpit Platforms

Building the AI Cockpit of the Future

Familiar Software Platform

DRIVE OS, CUDA, TensorRT, Nsight

Natural User Interface

Dynamic, intuitive, responds and anticipates

Edge-AI Processing Benefits

Faster response

Better reliability and availability

Greater personalization

Scalable processing

Personalized & Secure

Recognizes the driver

Remembers your preferences

Locally stored data improves security and privacy

Conversational AI

Uses natural language

Answers questions and entertains

Queries are private and localized

Great Entertainment

Movies with AI-enhanced video

AAA gaming

3D Spatial Sensing

Driver and occupant monitoring

Gaze aware UI

Natural controls

Leading Technologies Expressly Designed for Automotive

  • Designed from the ground-up for the automotive market
  • Flagship manufacturing process
  • State-of-the-art Armv9-A CPU with enhanced performance, security, and deep learning capabilities
  • NVIDIA RTX graphics, including raytracing and DLSS3
  • Powerful, hardware accelerated NVIDIA DLA runs LLMs at the edge, providing Generative AI capabilities
  • Highly integrated SoC lowers BOM costs – processors, displays, cameras, audio streams, connectivity
  • Advanced HDR ISP supporting the next generation of camera sensors.
  • Multiple audio DSPs for speech and audio processing
  • Multiple interior displays with support for pillar-to-pillar, ultra-wide, plus all-seat coverage
  • Supports multiple independent multimedia streams
  • Hardware virtualization, data isolation, and security-first design thinking
  • ISO 26262 ASIL-B for Telltales, Sound, Frozen camera and DMS
  • ISO 21434 and SAE J3101 compliant
  • Ready for UN R155 and R156
  • Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE OS
  • Supports multiple virtual machines simultaneously, including but not limited to QNX, Linux and Android Auto