MediaTek Kompanio for Chromebooks

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MediaTek Kompanio is the reliable and innovative do anything, everywhere companion chip that brings an incredible Chromebook experience; whether it’s for classroom or remote education, business needs, streaming entertainment, video conferencing or exploring one’s creativity.

MediaTek Kompanio platforms are expressly designed for device makers to create incredible Chromebooks. This family of highly capable, all-in-one chips are designed expressly to combine innovative features like AI processors and HDR cameras, fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, and ultra-efficient performance for true, all-day battery life in novel mobile computing platforms that can open, flip, fold, or even detach.

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What does MediaTek bring to Chromebooks?

With its strong history developing innovative, always connected and highly efficient smartphone and tablet platforms for Android OS, MediaTek has created a range of similarly advanced SoCs for Chromebooks since 2016.

Chromebooks free the user from typical mobile computing limitations with a blend of Cloud and edge experiences that’s ideal for anywhere computing, whether it’s work, education, video conferencing, social, shopping, streaming entertainment and more.

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Premium Performance & Leading Features

MediaTek Chromebook chips blend together a mix of powerful and energy-efficient Arm octa-core CPUs and many-core GPU technologies, MediaTek-designed AI processors, superb FullHD-to-4K displays, high resolution cameras and the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies to deliver incredible Chromebook experiences. You get impressive app responsiveness, ease of multitasking and reliable connectivity.

Longer Battery Life

Our Chromebook platforms are built to perform while being light on battery. The combination of their highly integrated design, innate power-efficiency enhancements and leading manufacturing techniques all work together to ensure your Chromebook keeps going as long as you need it to.

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