Networking & Broadband

High performance and reliability, with rich features and low power consumption

With technology that’s built with humans in mind, we focus on connecting you to what matters. The biggest brands choose MediaTek because our platforms offer high performance, reliable connectivity, rich features and are power-efficient by design.

Our wireless connectivity technologies are empowering a wide range of consumer and business products, while Enterprise and Cloud-services can benefit from our industry-leading networking technologies.

World #1 in Connectivity & Networking Chips

We connect the smart home as the #1 Wi-Fi supplier across broadband, retail routers, consumer electronics & gaming hardware within top brands.

Broadband Connectivity Products

MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6/6E

MediaTek Filogic is ushering in a new era of smart Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions with extreme speeds, low latency, superb power efficiency and EasyMesh certification, for a smoother, always connected experiences.

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5G Broadband

Designed for the latest CPE applications such as 5G Mobile Hotspot and 5G Fixed Wireless Access, our 5G Broadband platforms are offer latest standards and global cellular networks, with excellent connection coverage, reliability, and incredible speeds.

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Wi-Fi 5 & 4

Wi-Fi 5 & 4 wireless networking for a wide range of applications, including router, home electronics, mobile devices, PCs, and much more. Our Wi-Fi products are Certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

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Home Networking

Home Networking & Smart Home platforms that offer unmatched performance and a wide range of leading features for a variety of applications.

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Enterprise Networking

Enterprise-grade wired networking ASIC or semi-custom solutions for Data Center & Cloud operations.

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