Narrow-Band IoT

NB-IoT is a 3GPP standardized cellular based low power wide area technology and is potentially part of the '5G' era of connectivity. It is due to empower the explosive growth of IoT devices in the next decade.

Far and Wide Reach

MediaTek NB-IoT platform has the highest temperament for low connection quality, allowing NB-IoT devices to be installed in locations that cannot be served by competing IoT connectivity standards. This particularly benefits device installation in remote or difficult to access locations.

Design Optimization

MediaTek NB-IoT platform advantage is its simplicity. The efficient design of memory, processing, and light modem with single antenna design means products can be highly cost effective – suitable for large scale rollout - and ultra-low power, giving the option of battery powering for extended periods.

MediaTek ‘WorldMode’ Modem

MediaTek’s NB-IoT modem is ‘WorldMode’, supporting a full range of global bands, allowing devices that can be shipped worldwide to support all carriers with NB-IoT compatible networks. This essential feature means only a single NB-IoT device needs to be designed to address worldwide markets, reducing cost and development time.