MediaTek Dimensity 9300

All big core performance.
Epic mobile experiences.

Unmatched computing power, Gen AI and so much more…


All Big Core CPU: 8 Cores of Extreme Performance

The MediaTek Dimensity 9300 is the first to market with the latest Arm Cortex-X4 and Cortex-A720 processors – the world’s first flagship smartphone chip to use all big cores: four Cortex-X4 and four -A720 processors that give enthusiasts the ultimate performance.

  • 15% single-core performance upgrade
  • 40% multi-core performance upgrade
  • 4X Cortex-X4 performance cores up to 3.25GHz
  • 4X Cortex-A720 efficiency cores up to 2.0GHz
  • 18MB L3 + SLC cache: 29% larger than previous generation

Precise Control of Power Efficiency

MediaTek has applied its industry-leading expertise to precisely control the CPU's performance and power curve for superior power efficiency.

  • Up to 33% multi-core power saving vs previous generation CPU
  • 3rd generation TSMC 4nm chip production
  • 2nd generation thermal optimized package design by MediaTek

Flagship-grade Memory and Storage

8% more power-efficient when paired with flagship-grade memory and storage compared to the previous generation.

  • First with LPDDR5T 9600Mbps – world's fastest smartphone memory
  • UFS 4.0 + MCQ

Outstanding User Experiences for Enthusiasts

Zero-delay at your fingertips with faster app launches from cold. Experience considerably smoother simultaneous multi-app use or app + game. Do more, play more, and work effectively, all without a hint of hitting the limit.

World’s 1st hardware-based Generative AI Engine with secure, personalized AI

MediaTek's next-generation NPU architecture incorporates a hardware generative AI engine, enabling faster and safer edge AI computing. MediaTek's comprehensive toolchain assists developers in swiftly and efficiently deploying multimodal generative AI applications at the edge, providing users with innovative generative AI experiences, including text, images, music, and more.

  • 8x faster transformer-based generative AI
  • 2x faster integer and floating-point compute improvement
  • 45% more power efficient
  • Up to 33 billion parameters
  • Exclusive hardware-accelerated memory compression technology
  • First to support on-device LoRA Fusion

World’s Best Performance & Most Efficient Raytracing Mobile GPU

Yet again, MediaTek is the first to use Arm’s latest flagship GPU architecture – the Immortalis-G720 raytracing GPU. It provides an extra 46% peak performance*, 40% power savings*, and 40% memory bandwidth savings in geometry-heavy game scenes. By combining the extreme 8-core CPU design with Its 2nd generation hardware raytracing engine, the Dimensity 9300 provides gamers with fast, full raytracing experiences at a smooth 60 FPS and is the world’s first mobile platform to achieve console-level global illumination effects.

*versus previous generation Dimensity

  • Epic 12-core GPU
  • 46% improvement in hardware raytracing performance
  • 2X MSAA support
  • 2X Pixel blend throughput
  • 2X Texture throughput

MediaTek HyperEngine Adaptive Gaming Technology Upgraded

  • Enjoy flagship performance without slowdown for up to an hour in top titles
  • A cooler smartphone and in-hand temperatures
  • Up to 15% power efficiency improvement in popular game titles, letting you play for hours

Imagiq 990: Next-Gen Cinematic Video Capture

The 9th Generation Imagiq upgrades the flagship camera experience, while also being even more power efficient than the previous generation. AI-videography benefits from a new bidirectional direct coupling between ISP and NPU for zero latency video preview.. The 18-bit RAW ISP design features AI Semantic Analysis Video Engine with 16 categories of scene segmentation adjustment for more visually enhanced cinematic video capture.

  • AI Semantic Analysis Video Engine
  • 4K cinematic mode with depth of field and bokeh spot
  • 100% pixel-level autofocus + dual-lossless zoom
  • Standalone OIS for best-in-class image stabilization, tripling the speed of stabilization operations

3-Microphone HDR Audio Recording for Superior Vlog Experiences

Make yourself heard clearly with three microphones recording high dynamic range audio, eliminating wind and environmental noises – ideal for spontaneous vlogging.

Display: MediaTek MiraVision 990

An overhauled display driver architecture enables 25% faster high DPI display speeds, 4K120 support echoing that of flagship 4K TVs, and support for folding devices that require high-performance dual active displays.

  • WQHD up to 180Hz (25% faster)
  • 4K up to 120Hz
  • Dual active display support (Foldable phone main and sub)
  • New Google Ultra HDR display support (Android 14)
  • Premium HDR video experiences with MediaTek True Color
  • Leading anti-burn-in technology for AMOLED displays

AI-Display: Flagship Smart TV tech meets Flagship Smartphones

With proven AI depth engine quality technologies also used in MediaTek Pentonic flagship smart TVs, the Dimensity 9300 brings the ultimate entertainment technologies to small screen experiences.

  • World’s 1st AI depth engine
  • World’s 1st ambient light adaptive HDR recovery technology

Next-Gen Low Power Display Technologies

Our latest technologies in display panel power control provide even further reductions in power consumption to improve battery life.

  • Intelligent display power-saving technology optimizes every source of energy consumption from the power supply to the screen, resulting in an average power reduction of 10%.
  • A dedicated display power domain and the lowest display voltage in idle mode.

Extending Wi-Fi 7 Technologies

  • MediaTek Xtra Range 2.0 technology makes connections reach up to 4.5m further indoors (5GHz band). Partner with Wi-Fi 7 Routers and Access Points powered by MediaTek Filogic 880 and 860 for the best results.
  • Wi-Fi anti-interference and coexistence algorithms ensure wireless streaming to 4K Smart TVs benefit from up to 200% throughput gain for smoother visuals.
  • MediaTek Wi-Fi UltraSave
  • Wi-Fi 7 up 6.5Gbps with Multi-Link Operation (MLO) / 320MHz BW
  • MediaTek Wi-Fi/BT Hybrid Coexistence 3.0
  • MediaTek Bluetooth LightningConnect with UltraSave
  • Super low (<35ms) Bluetooth audio latency

Seamless sub-6GHz with an AI 5G modem

  • 4CC-CA Sub-6GHz capable 5G R16 modem
  • Up to 7Gbps downlink exclusively from sub-6GHz
  • In-built AI with situational awareness
  • Multimode Dual SIM Dual Active

MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0

  • Up to 10% more power efficient than the previous generation in 5G NR FR1 TDD/LTE FDD PDCCH


  • New L1C/B1C frequency support
  • Full global frequency coverage: L1+L5+B2B+E5B with PPP for high precision positioning

Remarkable Security for an Android Flagship SoC

Introducing a user privacy-focused security design that resists physical attacks on data access by protecting important processes during boot-up and when performing secure computing.

  • Standalone hardware (Secure Processor, HWRoT) during boot and runtime
  • New Arm Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) Technology

*Data source : MediaTek Labs




  • 4x Arm Cortex-X4 at 3.25GHz
  • 4x Arm Cortex-A720 up to 2.0GHz


Octa (8)

Memory and Storage

Memory Type


Max Memory Frequency


Storage Type



Cellular Technologies

Sub-6GHz (FR1), mmWave (FR2), 2G-5G multi-mode, 5G-CA, 4G-CA, 5G FDD / TDD, 4G FDD / TDD, TD-SCDMA, WDCDMA, EDGE, GSM

Specific Functions

5G/4G Dual SIM Dual Active, SA & NSA modes; SA Option2, NSA Option3 / 3a / 3x, NR FR1 TDD+FDD, DSS, FR1 DL 4CC up to 300 MHz 4x4 MIMO, FR2 DL 4CC up to 400MHz, 256QAM FR1 UL 2CC 2x2 MIMO, 256QAM NR UL 2CC, R16 UL Enhancement, 256QAM VoNR / EPS fallback


  • GPS L1CA+L5+ L1C
  • BeiDou B1I+ B1C + B2a +B2b
  • Glonass L1OF
  • Galileo E1 + E5a +E5b
  • QZSS L1CA+ L5
  • NavIC L5


Wi-Fi 7 (a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be) ready

Wi-Fi Antenna





Max Camera Sensor Supported


Max Video Capture Resolution

  • 8K30 (7690 x 4320)
  • 4K60 (3840 x 2160)


GPU Type

Arm Immortalis-G720 MC12

Video Encoding

  • H.264
  • HEVC

Video Playback

  • H.264
  • HEVC
  • VP-9
  • AV1


Max Refresh Rate

  • 4K up to 120Hz
  • WQHD up to 180Hz


AI Processing Unit

MediaTek NPU 790 (Generative AI)


Security Features

  • Secure Processor, HWRoT
  • Arm Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) Technology
  • CC EAL4+ Capable, FIPS 140-3, China DRM