MediaTek Helio G Series

The core of an incredible gaming experience

Through wide-ranging platform enhancements, we make every millisecond matter, ensuring there's no barrier to you dominating the field. It's not all game-time though, as you'll get to enjoy the same premium features for cameras, connectivity, multimedia and industry-leading AI performance on par with other top-tier MediaTek Helio chips. The G series features an array of technologies that boost the mobile gaming experience; from vivid visuals and rapid sensing touchscreens to enhancing the connection between your smartphone and the internet.

The Products

MediaTek HyperEngine

MediaTek HyperEngine boosts every aspect of smartphone gaming because every millisecond matters. Now in its third generation, MediaTek HyperEngine has been enhanced for the 5G era; creating reliable, low-latency 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connections with intelligent multi-network management; attuned resource management to provide consistently high FPS while also maximizing battery life; and it offers new tools for developers to optimize in-game image quality.

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