Premium AP with integrated AI processor and multi-camera support

The MediaTek MT8183 brings together a diverse mix of powerful hardware that can enable leading tablet designs. It combines an octa-core CPU that includes four Arm Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53 MPCoreTM up to 2GHz equipped with Arm NEON engine, plus a powerful Arm Mali-G72-class graphics processor operating up to 800MHz. These offer the processing power necessary to support the latest OpenOS along with its demanding applications such as web browsing and email, apps and services, global navigation and 3D games.

An integrated, dual-core AI processing unit (APU) provides up to 0.5TOPs performance, enabling accelerated AI-enhanced applications and OS-enhancements like personal assistants with very low power use. In combination with the support for up to large 32MP sensors or multi-camera arrays up to 16+16MP, backed by a power-optimized triple ISP design (3X MIPI CSI-2). AI-camera features such as deep-leading face detection, object and scene identification, selfie enhancements, AR/MR acceleration, album categorization and other photography and live-video enhancements are all possible.

Applications can be built using common frameworks such as TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe and Caffe2 or other 3rd party frameworks, and at the API level standard Google Android Neural Networks API (Android NNAPI), while the NeuroPilot SDK extensions allow developers and device makers to bring their code closer-to-metal for better performance and power-efficiency.

Flexible memory and storage options means brands can choose performance levels to meet usage requirements or plan several products at different price-points around a single platform, saving development time and cost.

Supporting up to twin displays (MIPI-DSI & MIPI-DPI) at FullHD+ (2,400 x 1080) resolution enables sharp, high detail visuals for high-quality user-interfaces. A multi-standard video accelerator and an advanced audio subsystem are also integrated to provide power-efficient playback of advanced multimedia applications and audio/video content from local storage or streaming services, with decode acceleration for up to FullHD HEVC content.

An embedded connectivity system includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM. With four advanced radio technologies integrated into one single chip, MT8183 provides the most convenient connectivity solution in the industry. It allows simultaneous voice, data and audio/video transmission on devices, while the small footprint with low-power consumption greatly reduces the PCB layout resource.



CPU Type 1:
Arm Cortex-A73 @ Up to 2GHz
CPU Type 2:
Arm Cortex-A53 @ Up to 2GHz
CPU Core:
Octa (8)
CPU Bits:


GPU Type:
Arm Mali-G72 MP3
Display Resolution:
2400 x 1080
Video Encode:
Video Decode:
H.264,  H.265 / HEVC


Bluetooth,  FM Radio,  GPS,  Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11):
Wi-Fi 5 (a/b/g/n/ac)
Wi-Fi Frequency:
2.4GHz,  5GHz


Camera ISP:
16MP+16MP,  32MP
Recording Resolution:
1920 x 1080
Recording FPS:
Up to 30FPS

MediaTek Technologies

ClearMotion,  MiraVision,  NeuroPilot


AI Accelerator:
0.5 TOPS