MediaTek HyperEngine - Benchmarked!

Aug 9, 2019

The MediaTek Helio G90 and G90T smartphone chips are partnered to the MediaTek HyperEngine Gaming Technologies to provide the best gaming experience by tuning every aspect of the smartphone - intelligent networking, responsive touch controls, reliably fast FPS and premium image quality. These videos show our advantage in every area:

Intelligent Network Prediction Engine

The MediaTek Intelligent Network Prediction Engine optimizes the connection between smartphone and cellular base-station. Even when gaming in a crowded network you’ll get up to 50% faster response than competitor chips, providing a more reliable connection to the game server.

If the Wi-Fi signal degrades, it triggers Wi-Fi and LTE concurrency in just 13ms, keeping the connection smooth and the game lag-free.

Rapid Response Engine

The Rapid Response Engine provides smoother gameplay by optimizing the action-to-display pipline, makng it at least 2.5X faster than competitor chips.

MediaTek HyperEngine ensures the touchscreen input is reliably and accurately sensed without lag and that the game world is streamed and rendered fast and fluidly. Pan and scroll around the map or make your character run and fight without stutter.

Picture Quality Engine

Our picture quality enhancements bring better contrast, sharpness, improved fine details and much more. Support for the latest HDR10 standard provides 10-bit Color Depth and Rec.2020 color gamut support, allowing HDR-enabled smartphone displays showcase HDR content and games that echo experiences of a premium TV or home theater setup.

Call & Data Concurrency

Typically when a smartphone receives a call the data connection will stall for up to 20 seconds! To ensure the data connection always remains live and the game server connection never drops, MediaTek HyperEngine enables call and data network concurrency. Where competitor chips will drop the 4G data connection for up to 20 seconds, MediaTek HyperEngine allows you to defer the call without dropping the game connection for even a millisecond.

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