Rich IoT

Innovation in Voice, Display, and AI Vision categories

MediaTek's Rich IoT program features a series of AI-supported chipset platforms that are enabling companies to innovate and develop products across the breadth of intelligent devices market.

As the market leader of chips for voice assistant devices (VAD), we work with the world’s most well-known brands to power intelligent devices, such as smart speakers and sound bars. MediaTek's Rich IoT program is spurring AI innovation with its platforms that enterprises, startups, emerging brands and leading OEMs in diverse markets can use; designing a wide range of IoT devices with edge-AI capabilities, new user experiences and addressing new market opportunities. 

MediaTek's Rich IoT program is initially focused on meeting three primary segments in this rapidly evolving ecosystem:

1. Voice Enabled Devices

Products with voice assistant capability like smart speakers, kitchen and cleaning appliances, smart locks and more.

2. Display Oriented Devices

Smart hub products or those that require touchscreens displays like thermostats, head-mounted displays, point of sale terminals, exercise equipment and more.

3. AI Vision Devices

Products that need to recognize objects or people, like smart security systems, smart ovens, robots, drones and more.

MediaTek Solutions

Rich, Powerful & Secure Chipset Platforms

MediaTek’s Rich IoT chipsets are highly integrated, boast ultra-low power consumption to maximize battery life and deliver superior computing power (including CPU, GPU and AI Processing Units) to support next generation Rich IoT devices.

The chipsets have Arm’s TrustZone security built-in and come with long term support for operating system updates and security patches.

MediaTek Products

Hardware Evaluation Kit

Introducing "Pumpkin" with MT8516 and MT8167

Seeed Studio     |      Vesper

MediaTek's Rich IoT hardware evaluation kit, called Pumpkin, is available through Seeed Studio, expected June 2019. The base kit is available with MT8516 and MT8167 chipset platforms, with the option of add-on peripherals, such as camera adapter, display adapter, and a circular microphone array from Vesper.

Ecosystem Partners

MediaTek is collaborating with independent design houses globally.

These design houses have adopted MediaTek's Rich IoT chipset platforms and offer hardware and software design services, as well as technical support to branded product companies. Yocto Linux and Android SDKs are available on MediaTek chipset platforms today. 

Software Design Kits

Powered by MediaTek

BayLibre   |   DSP Concepts


The RITY SDK is developed in collaboration between BayLibre and MediaTek. The RITY SDK is supported on MT8516 and MT8167 to provide comprehensive platform solutions for voice- and- screen-enabled devices. Developers can access RITY SDK on the MediaTek Rich IoT hardware evaluation kit offered by Seeed Studios. Features supported on the RITY SDK include:

  • 4.19 Linux Kernel; Yocto 2.6
  • OP-TEE (compatible with GlobalPlatform API specification) 
  • Amazon Voice Service with audio front end algorithms (wake-word engine, far-field) 
  • Wi-Fi 5 connectivity



MediaTek’s partnership with StreamUnlimited has enabled porting of the StreamSDK to MediaTek’s Rich IoT chipset platforms. The StreamSDK offers developers a diverse, flexible and feature-rich wireless audio streaming software stack that includes: 

  • Yocto 2.6
  • Support for Google Assistant, Chromecast built-in and Amazon Voice Services 
  • Support for AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect

StreamUnlimited also provides software and hardware design and certification services allowing brands to differentiate their designs and quickly bring them to the market.