Low-light environments

Capturing a moment at night, or in poorly-lit environments, can be difficult. Imagiq automatically accommodates to secure amazing detail in pictures and videos, with clever noise reduction techniques that work automatically.

AI Noise Reduction

Imagiq AI Noise Reduction (AI NR) technique provides consistently better results when capturing in low-light environments. By using our power-efficient, AI hardware processing it can accurately combat ISO noise. The results retain the fine details and accurate color, allowing you to grab the camera and snap at anytime, anywhere.

Multi-Frame Noise Reduction (in Pictures)

Our advanced multi-frame blending engine provides noise-reduction and improves the accuracy of image captures.

Multi-Scale Noise Reduction (in Video)

Noise Reduction improves the quality of video previews and recordings by monitoring and compensating for erroneous pixels in real-time, resulting in a noticeably clearer image.