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When it comes to computing, MediaTek has you covered

Whether for work, education, chatting, streaming, or playing, MediaTek’s chips are designed specifically for today’s computing. They deliver ultra-fast performance, system-wide intelligence, instant connectivity, high-resolution displays, and long-lasting battery life.

All that incredible MediaTek technology is designed for our laptop, Chromebook and tablet customers who package it into innovative, ultra-modern, portable, sleek designs.

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Our 5G modems will create always connected PCs & Laptops in 2021


Powered by MediaTek Kompanio

At MediaTek, we understand what makes a great computing experience. We have engineered a range of Chromebook specific chips designed to deliver incredible performance in some of the most slim and stylish Chromebook form factors available today. Also, since Chromebooks generally work in the cloud, your data is always accessible and secure making Chromebooks the perfect companion no matter where you roam.

MediaTek Kompanio enables incredible Chromebook experiences from a family of chips that are designed expressly to combine innovative features like AI processors and HDR cameras, fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, and ultra-efficient performance for true, all-day battery life in novel mobile computing platforms that can open, flip, fold, or even detach.

MediaTek Kompanio is your reliable and innovative do anything, everywhere companion that brings an incredible Chromebook experience.

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MediaTek’s high-performing processors, enhanced multi-media engines, system-wide intelligence, and renowned display technology are packaged together for our customers to deliver computing products that are slim, light, and power efficient, allowing for unique designs that flip, fold, and detach.

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PCs with 5G Connectivity powered by MediaTek

MediaTek has teamed up with the leader in PCs, Intel, to incorporate 5G connectivity into laptops. Built using the expertise and technologies developed for MediaTek’s 5G modems, the MediaTek T700 5G modem delivers ultra-fast data speeds, global and reliable connectivity, and supports non-standard and stand-alone sub-6GHz (5GNR) networks. At MediaTek, we are committed to delivering 5G technology platforms to reshape the PCs experience.

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Smart Processing Technologies

Flagship Performance and Power Efficiency

MediaTek’s chipsets, now available in a 7nm SOC, provide the foundation for high-performing computing devices in some of the smallest form factors available today. With industry leading octa-core CPU and GPU processors, as well as the integration of enhanced multi-media engines, all designed for peak performance and power efficiency.

AI Intelligence

MediaTek APUs provides impressive performance, enabling advanced voice and vision-based applications such as speech and image recognition, neural noise suppression, superior video resolution, and gesture control. Working in an integrated manner with in-built cameras and microphones, this multi-core AI processor also rewards users with more immersive experiences all with incredible speed, intelligence, and power efficiency.

Leading-Edge Connectivity

With support of industry-standards, MediaTek continues to evolve their chipsets for delivery of blazing-fast and reliable connectivity capabilities. From support of Wi-Fi 6 for enhanced connectivity, to the inclusion of 5G in modem cards for sub-6GHz performance we know the importance of fast, reliable, and secure.

Intelligent Cameras

From image recognition to computational image processing, MediaTek offers dual-camera arrays with large sensors. Their powerful AI processor work in concert to capture the perfect image; take the perfect selfie; search for information with image and object recognition. For video conferencing and remote learning, MediaTek offers a fully integrated camera, AI processor, and 4K HDR video encoder.

Immersive Visual and Audio Experiences

MediaTek continues to evolve their world-class display enhancing technologies offering further enhancements in visual quality and audio playback, all in a power-efficient manner. With support for high-resolution WQHD devices, as well as full HD+ displays, users can enjoy higher-resolution, cinema-like experiences watching a movie or get a boost in work productivity with more screen space for simultaneous viewing and less toggling between screens. With support for 7.1 surround sound, viewing time becomes even more enjoyable whether it be a movie or your favorite YouTube or Netflix.