MiraVision for Smartphones

Display enhancement technologies for small screens

What is MiraVision technology?

MiraVision is an exclusive display enhancing technology that intelligently adjusts a wide range display and video stream factors, including color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and dynamic range, based on what’s being watched or surrounding environmental factors, like viewing in bright daylight.

Bringing our expertise to smartphones

As the world’s leading Digital and Smart TV technology provider, we are bringing our extensive display and media expertise to smartphones through hardware and software optimizations that improves the viewing quality, bringing a cinema-grade visual experience to the small screen.

Low power technology

Most display enhancement technologies trade quality improvements for increased power consumption, however MediaTek MiraVision can intelligently manage and reduce the total power consumed by the display hardware, while also preserving and even enhancing the picture quality.

MiraVision Video


(Picture Quality)

Adapting MediaTek’s industry first AI PQ technology in Smart TVs, AI PQ for smartphones works by analyzing different types of scenes in real-time, and then processing this information with the PQ engine to apply the scene-adaptive settings to generate maximum picture quality. The scene detection can recognize common themes such as people, food, landscapes and architecture. Conventional picture quality settings offer a single fixed setting, compromising on real-time picture quality as the content watched varies at any time. With AI PQ and intelligent processing, MediaTek delivers truer picture quality without compromises.

MiraVision Enhanced HDR10+ Video Playback

MiraVision Video supports the latest HDR10+ standard for video streaming up to 4K resolutions. Even legacy HDR10 video can be upgraded to HDR10+ quality in real-time, with dynamic adjustment of every single frame. Since all smartphone displays are different, MiraVision is flexible and assess the display capabilities of different devices, optimizing accordingly via a unique re-mapping technology.

HDR Composer (SDR to HDR)

Dynamically and intelligently up-converts standard SDR video, whether captured from the camera or streamed from the cloud, to HDR quality with increased contrast, for breathtaking visuals and a cinematic experience that is visibly superior.

MiraVision Display


SmartScreen optimizes display readability while saving power. It first senses ambient lighting and evaluates the content on the screen. Then, our context-aware technology ensures the best viewing experience is delivered even in extreme lighting conditions, while optimizing energy consumption.

Blulight Defender

BluLight Defender is our solution that’s cutting blue light energy while maintaining color quality via Memory Color Recovery technology. BluLight Defender saves power and is capable of minimizing color distortions. Unlike third-party apps, this hardware-based feature doesn’t produce a yellow-tint effect and consequently outperforms alternatives in terms of viewing comfort.

Ultra Dimming

Our Ultra Dimming technology goes beyond the physical limitation of the backlight module by advanced real-time pixel-based processing to provide a dimmer, yet readable, light emission. Conventionally unavailable for ultra low-light situations, our Ultra Dimming technology improves viewing comfort, especially in darker environments.

Chameleon Display

Our Chameleon Display technology monitors the environment and adjusts the display to mirror print-like viewing comfort on an electronic device.