4X Faster Focus

Our Hybrid Auto Focus system locks onto subjects faster than traditional contrast auto focus systems, especially on moving objects. 

Its Pixel-level Auto Focus technology also allows more light to be collected. So the system provides an impressive focus speed, even for objects at a distance in extreme low-light conditions.

Brighter Pictures in Low Light

If it takes too long to adjust your camera’s brightness, you could miss a great photo moment.  But that won’t happen with Imagiq. MediaTek’s Instant Auto Exposure (AE) feature delivers ultra-fast and accurate exposure by tracking environmental lighting changes.

Instant auto-exposure with camera control unit for brightness-based sensor exposure

True 4K HDR Videos

The Imagiq HDR engine helps recover the dynamic range of what you see in captured photos to create true HDR-quality videos. 

It does this automatically while keeping power consumption low, even when shooting in high-resolution 4K HDR.

New multi-frame HDR provides clearer images and video

Wide Lens Resolution Boost

Imagiq’s Super Resolution feature boosts the spatial resolution of the wide angle lens from a low zoom ratio. With this setting file output resolution is kept at 13MP with increased details.

Imagiq Lp Everday Wide Reso