Everyday Photography

Imagiq’s innovative AI and imaging processors and function-optimized hardware accelerators mean you get amazing photos and videos every time you pull out the camera to capture the moment.


We’ve closely interlinked our powerful AI processing hardware with camera operations in the chip to enhance a wide range of applications such as faster, more accurate exposure, focus, white balancing and noise reduction, even in HDR capture. These technologies are designed to be reliable and completely automated, so the user only has to focus on capturing the moment.

Imagiq AI-Camera also provides never-before possible features that range from visual perception (abstraction), to image construction, down to pixel-level enhancements.

  • AI-Noise Reduction with HDR
  • AI-Auto Exposure
  • AI-Auto Focus
  • AI-Auto White Balance
  • AI-Shutter

HDR-native, multi-core ISP

MediaTek has developed industry-leading multi-core, HDR-native ISP designs that provide extremely high performance with exceptional power efficiency. Using unique heterogeneous designs that mix ‘big and small’ processors, it matches the right camera(s) to the most appropriate mix of ISP cores.

Designed for a video-centric experience as much as photography, our powerful ISP designs work in conjunction with MediaTek’s APU hardware to deliver the most stunning photography and video capture results.

Camera Control Unit (CCU) + Instant AE

A dedicated Camera Control Unit (CCU) enables Instant Auto Exposure for considerably faster focusing exposure adjustment versus traditional methods, enabling you to capture freely even when local lighting conditions change suddenly.

Rolling Shutter Compensation (RSC)

Imagiq Rolling Shutter Compensation (RSC) technology cleverly mitigates warped (‘jello effect’) video which is particularly apparent when capturing 4K video, or when panning the camera.