MediaTek HyperEngine

Boosting the Mobile Gaming Experience

Gaming technology for the 5G era

The new MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 packs upgrades for the 5G-era, adding a wealth of new features that speed up game load times, create reliable, low-latency connections by managing multiple networks, intelligently manage resources to provide consistently high FPS while also maximizing battery life, and offer new tools for development artists that can improve in-game image quality.

The new HyperEngine 2.0

Featured on our 5G MediaTek Dimensity series mobile platforms

Networking Engine

Intelligent Multi-Network Prediction 2.0

MediaTek's second-generation Intelligent Multi-Network Prediction engine reacts in milliseconds to changes in connectivity status across 5G NR, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connections. It initiates multi-network concurrency based on the best connection(s) available, reducing game network latency and ensuring reliability. This advantage is particularly notable when using a congested network or when the signal to any connection point suddenly becomes weaker.

5G/4G Smart Switch

MediaTek Dimensity products feature comprehensive 5G-integrated modems with full 2G-5G and EN-DC connectivity. This industry-leading chip design has allowed us to enable intelligent prediction of bandwidth needed by different applications. By proactively switching between 5G NR and 4G LTE connections for the best balance between data throughput and power usage, we maximize battery life.

Call & Data Concurrency 2.0

MediaTek’s second-generation Intelligent Network Stabilization Engine brings together 5G and dual-SIM advantages to create the most comprehensive solution for continuous call and data concurrency.

‘Dual Channel’ 5G DSDA: Both 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes are simultaneously supported on both SIM slots (where 5G+5G is available), so when receiving 5G NR / 4G LTE / 3G / 2G calls via either on SIM1 or SIM2, the 5G data connection used by the game will still always remain active.

MediaTek Dimensity 5G-integrated SoC’s offer full 2G-5G connectivity and 5G+5G market leadership, making this a unique feature.

Rapid Response Engine

Rapid Response Engine 2.0

MediaTek’s second generation Rapid Response engine provides a direct, chip-level connection to the touchscreen at a minimum of 240Hz (sample rate per second). This ensures the lowest latency and fastest response of touch-input, giving you a split-second edge in-game to outgun the competition.

Reliable Multi-Peripheral Coexistence with Latency Optimization

Serious smartphone gamers often connect multiple peripherals to smartphones such as game controllers and headsets via Bluetooth, while also often using a Wi-Fi connection. Reliable Multi-Peripheral Coexistence means the wireless environment is carefully managed to avoid interference and keep them reliably and seamlessly connected with low latency.

Bluetooth Audio Latency Optimization

MediaTek has optimized Bluetooth audio to minimize latency between game audio encoding and BT signal sending, creating an ultra-low latency pipeline that’s up to 60% faster than proprietary competitor alternatives. The improved audio latency works in conjunction with HyperEngine’s low-latency optimizations for the GPU and display pipeline, ensuring visual and audio actions are both faster and, importantly, in sync.

Picture Quality Engine 2.0: Artists Toolkit

Using technologies adopted from MediaTek’s expertise in premium TVs, MediaTek MiraVision display technology enhances in-game image quality in real-time. MediaTek is also working directly with game developers, providing new development and optimization toolkits that allow new ways of image quality enhancement.

Resource Management Engine

Resource Management Engine 2.0

MediaTek’s second generation Intelligent Resource Management Engine enables longer gameplay at full performance. Since every game makes different demands on the SoC, MediaTek’s intelligent Resource Management Engine actively balances available resources – between CPU, GPU and other processing elements – to assure a reliably stable, full FPS experience – whether at 60, 90, 120 or 144FPS.

The Engine makes the most of the CPU performance in Dimensity series chips, accelerating gaming tasks to minimize things like launch time and new map/scene transitions, for example. The result is a consistently fast and smooth gameplay experience that extends battery life to maximize game-time.

Additional Features

Featured on our MediaTek Helio series mobile platforms

Intelligent Speed Uplift for Rapid Gameplay

  • Intelligent prediction of Wi-Fi & LTE concurrency triggers in just 13 milliseconds
  • Connect to two Wi-Fi bands or routers simultaneously for lowest game connection latency with minimum jitter
  • Simply defer calls while in-game without the connection dropping for a moment

End-to-End Optimization for Rapid Response Engine

  • 60% shorter GPU rendering-to-display latency pipeline to ensure a lag-free display during gameplay
  • Smoothly move around the game world without stuttering or missed clicks

Brilliant Picture Quality

  • Faster framerates and smoother gameplay with a lower latency action-to-display pipeline
  • Premium picture quality with better contrast, texture sharpness and fine details
  • HDR visuals that pop and vivid true color experiences

Intelligent Resource Management Engine for Better, Longer Gameplay

  • Intelligent, dynamic management of CPU, GPU and memory
  • Smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay
  • Enhanced power efficiency for even longer gameplay