MediaTek Genio 700

The MediaTek Genio 700 (MT8390) is a high-performance, edge-AI IoT platform designed for smart home, interactive retail, industrial and commercial applications. It provides highly responsive edge processing, advanced multimedia capabilities, a wide range of sensors and connectivity options, and support for multi-tasking OS'.

  • Smart Retail: Digital signage, desktop POS
  • Industrial: Edge AI, IoT gateway, HMI
  • Smart Home: Fitness, smart home appliances

4 TOPS APU performance

The highly efficient, in-chip AI multi-processor (APU) offers 4 TOPS performance for Deep Learning (DL), Neural Network (NN) acceleration, and also Computer Vision (CV) applications when combined with high-detail cameras up to 32MP at 30fps (via in-chip ISP and MIPI-CSI interface). The MediaTek APU supports both efficiency focused INT8 and INT16, and precision focused FP16 tasks.

Highly Capable Performance for Multi-tasking OS’

The Genio 700 integrates an octa-core CPU with 2X ‘big core’ Arm Cortex-A78 CPUs and 6X ‘efficiency core’ Cortex-A55 CPU, plus a highly capable Arm Mali-G57 GPU, up to 8GB of quad-channel LPDDR4X memory, and fast UFS storage. This high-performance platform supports multi-tasking capable Yocto and Ubuntu Linux, and Android, allowing easy development and deployment of demanding edge-processing applications.

Exceptional Power Efficiency

Using the advanced TSMC N6 (6nm-class) production process allows the Genio 700 to be exceptionally power efficient, enabling product designers to use fanless enclosures or even off-grid power solutions for more application opportunity. Extensive platform integration plus a small footprint helps minimize BOM and development costs, accelerating time to market.

Connectivity & Interfaces

The Genio 700 offers platform expandability via PCI-Express and USB. It supports a variety of connectivity including native Gigabit Ethernet, plus Wi-Fi 6 and 5G module options.

Advanced Multimedia

Support for up to 4K60 + FHD60 dual displays provide huge screen real-estate, while advanced multimedia encoding/decoding engines, including AV1 decoding, makes the Genio 700 ideal for human-centric applications like interactive advertising, streaming audio and video services, and video conferencing.

Secure, Long-life Platform Commitment

The Genio 700 includes Arm SystemReady certification and Arm PSA certification for security. It supports industrial-grade design, and MediaTek backs the platform with a 10 year commitment.


Application Processor

CPU Type

  • 2X Arm Cortex-A78 (2.2GHz)
  • 6X Arm Cortex-A55 (2.0 GHz)

CPU Cores

Octa (8)

Graphics Processor

GPU Type

Arm Mali-G57 MC3


AI Processor

  • MediaTek APU (MediaTek Deep Learning Accelerator)
  • VP6


Max Display Output Resolution

4K60 + FHD60

Video Processing

Video Encoding

  • HEVC
  • H.264

Max Recording Resolution

  • Full HD
  • 4K30

Video Decoding

  • AV1
  • VP9
  • HEVC
  • H.264

Max Playback Resolution



OS, Software & SDK

  • Android
  • Yocto Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • NeuroPilot SDK

Peripheral Interfaces


  • PCIe 2.0
  • USB 3.1
  • USB 2.0 OTG
  • GbE MAC


Wireless Connectivity (Optional)

Add-on chip/module:
  • MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 / Bluetooth 5.2 Combo
  • MediaTek 5G



32MP @ 30fps