The MT3620 is a highly integrated, high performance IoT MCU with the high level of security necessary for modern, robust internet-connected devices. The MT3620 targets a wide range of IoT applications including smart home, commercial, industrial and many other domains thanks to its extensive I/O peripheral subsystem that allows device design flexibility and freedom.

MT3620 was designed in close cooperation with Microsoft and it is the first Microsoft Azure Sphere solution.

High Performance Application Processor and Real-time I/O Processors

MT3620 features an Arm Cortex-A7 application processor operates up to 500MHz and includes large L1 cache and L2 cache and integrated SRAM for highly efficient operation over a wide range of potential applications. Two general purpose Arm Cortex-M4F I/O subsystems running at up to 200MHz support the requirements of the many on-chip peripherals including 5x UART/I2C/SPI, 2x I2S, 8x ADC, up to 12 PWM counters and up to 72x GPIO, allowing a diverse range of potential applications.

These two Cortex-M4F I/O subsystems are primarily intended to support real-time I/O processing but can also be used for general purpose computation and control. The Cortex-M4F cores may run any end-user-provided operating system or run a ‘bare metal app’ with no operating system. Flash memory to support the Cortex-A7 and both Cortex-M4F processors is integrated in the MT3620 package.

The Microsoft Pluton Security Subsystem and Dedicated Wi-Fi Subsystem

Outside of these three end-user accessible cores, MT3620 contains an isolated security subsystem with its own Arm Cortex-M4F core that handles secure boot and secure system operation. In addition, a 1x1 dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi radio subsystem is controlled by a dedicated Andes N9 32-bit RISC core. This subsystem contains radio, baseband and MAC that is designed to allow high throughput applications with great power efficiency.

Operation of the MT3620 security features and Wi-Fi networking are isolated from, and run independently of, end user applications. Only hardware features supported by Azure Sphere are directly accessible to MT3620 end-users. As such, security features and Wi-Fi are only accessible via defined Azure Sphere APIs and are robust to programming errors in end-user applications regardless of whether these applications run on the Cortex-A7 or the user-accessible Cortex-M4F cores.

Microsoft provides a powerful development environment based on Visual Studio which leverages the gcc compiler, allowing customer applications to be developed in C. Please refer to documentation from Microsoft for information about which hardware features are available to end-user applications.

Microsoft Azure Sphere

MT3620 provides an unprecedented level of security for connected devices. The secure solution provides device authentication and attestation, supports remote over-the-air software updates to maintain security in the face of evolving attacks, and also automates error logging and reporting. Please refer to Microsoft for more information.

MediaTek NeuroPilot-Micro

NeuroPilot-Micro is a part of NeuroPilot and specifically designed for Tiny Machine Learning applications. It leverages NeuroPilot optimization tools and provides popular Neural Network frameworks for inference. NeuroPilot-Micro SDK supports TensorFlow Lite for microcontrollers (TFLm) and optimization APIs for model inference and optimization.

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Software (Driver & Sample Code)

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Application Processor

CPU Type

Arm Cortex-A7

CPU Cores

Single (1)

CPU Frequency



CPU Type

Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU

CPU Cores

Dual (2)

CPU Frequeqncy


Peripheral Interfaces



Wireless Connectivity


Wi-Fi 4 (b/g/n)



Wi-Fi Frequencies

2.4GHz, 5GHz